School Slogan

In the early years of the Showa period, Japanese society was in a deadlock and the Manchurian Incident broke out. Japan became increasingly militaristic, and the Japanese government declared a state of emergency which encouraged people to become more patriotic.


During this time, a lot of people found the situation difficult, hence they proceeded to live a decadent life. Despite those trying times, in 1932, Mr. Kodaira, the school principal at that time, unveiled the slogan “Jihatsu-Nodo” which means “Self-motivated and Active”. This year marks the 40th founding anniversary of the school. He never blindly followed the national authority but persistently respected the students’ initiative and was determined to cultivate it. He believed in the uniqueness of the school’s education and the independence of the educational authority. Thus, because he stood by his educational policy under this slogan, the students were able to do their duties earnestly even during such turbulent times.